josiegrossie69 (josiegrossie69) wrote,

Hopping on the posting bandwagon...

It's so nice to come to lj and see that the whole herd has updated! AWESOME!

Since everyone else is doing it, I shall do it too: an update of how my semester is going.

It's tough stuff. I'm the busiest I've ever been in college. I don't know if it's just that I got really used to being able to do nothing in NZ, or if this semester truly is pretty hard. I'm taking a communications class with Dr. Markowicz who is a total dick (those at LVC know exactly what I mean). I often leave his class feeling like shit about everything. Joy. But I'm trying to just block him out totally. my other classes are going okay I guess. I'm just in desperate need of a break. The planning for clubs and school work and work is really getting to me.

Onto boys:
I see Becky mentioned me in her post about a freshman boy. *insert embarrassed smiley here*. Yes, it is true. I've developed a slight crush on a freshman BOY! Yikes, eh? But maybe he'll make out with me!!?!? lol jk. Anyway, yeah so her freshman and this other freshman who I'm kinda into are roommates...what are the odds?
Also, Liz at one point wanted me to go on a date with her brother. Now this would be interesting because in NZ we both decided that I would have an Asian girl and name her Liz and she would have a blonde/blue girl and name her Leah. We thought that would be awesome. So I thought, what if I did go out with her brother, fell in love with him, then married him? Then I could REALLY have an Asian girl (assuming she'd get her daddy's genes) and name her LIZ!!!! Crazy stuff.
The other boy situation is still up in the air, as always. I have no idea what I'm doing in life.
I was thinking about maybe spending a summer in London to work and travel. That would rock.
Well this post went in all sort of directions, didn't it? That's ok.
I miss you guys like Hell. I can't tell you how much us LVC/NZ herd members talk about you guys. I think we do need to get together over Christmas break, if not before. It's very important! So think about that.
And hang in there. This semester seems to be particularly tough, but we'll all get through it! After all, it's almost half way over!
Well I should get going. Luv yous and miss yous muchly!!!
God Speed to the nomad necklace.
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