josiegrossie69 (josiegrossie69) wrote,

Go the Orioles...and Navy boys... ;)

So I just got back from an Oriole's game with Liz, Jenny, Jenny's German cousins, and her non-German friend, lol. It was a really good time. A long game, but the O's stepped it up in the 9th inning and won the game. It was awesome I must say. And I am so happy that Surhoff is back! I had no idea until today! It was 90 degrees today, but in the ballpark it was 91 because the Navy was there! AWESOME! Like a whole bunch of them had seats in upperdeck. The band performed the Star Spangled Banner, and let's just say that when "In the Navy" was played, the boys really knew how to work it, lol. ;)

Highlights of the night:

1. Driving in circles around the Inner Harbor trying to find C Lot

2. Being begged by a "panhandler"...which my mom warned us about

3. Deciding to quit college and have a career as bat girl for the O's, which would require me to wear a helmet at all times on the field

4. Dodging Surhoff's fouls

5. Free Coke

6. That crazy girl who skanked up her crazy dancing (she was like 10)

7. Feeling "unsuperior"

8. Having the camera on us

9. The Navy performing their "voodoo" song against the Mariners (said the drunk guy behind us)

10. Boys in "uniform" - haha Liz

11. Winning the game

12. Some strange guy honking at us and smiling as we pull out of the parking lot

13. Getting caught looking at the Navy guys, who in response waved and smiled back

All in all, it was an awesome day. I think everyone had a really good time. I know I did! Well that's my little uppydatedate. Hope ya'll are doing well!
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