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Hoedown or Hootenany?

I was just watching Family Guy and it was the episode where the family has to move down to the South because Chris witnessed a guy robbing a store and the FBI needed to protect them. It made me think of Holly and her family, lol. Then it made me think of posting. So that's what I'm doing...posting.

Anyway...not too much is going on with me. I hate Target now more than ever. They piss me off so much. 13 hours next week. That's crap. If I could afford to leave that hell-hole of a workplace I would. But I'm still in debt thanx to a lil time spent in good ol' NZ, so my options are limited. However, I will be picking up some extra cash by handing out surveys for a few weeks at the Marriott hotel down the Inner Harbor. $15 an hour. Sweeeet as!

I still miss NZ a lot. I really want to get back to LVC. Not really for the work, but just to be on campus again and to get involved. I'm really excited about starting the new year. Hopefully this fall will be better than last fall! I see goood times ahead. :)

Rhys, I still need to send ur stuff. Haha does he even read this anymore? If not, can one of you email me his address? I'm not sure if I have it.

Oh, Jenny, Liz and I are getting together on Tuesday to go to an Orioles-Mariners game in Baltimore. If I don't have to work I'll go to the game, but if I do then I'll just meet them down there afterwards. So that should be fun.

How are you doing Jon? I haven't heard from you at all. Hope all is well.

Katie! Girl you have to update more, lol.

Oh and Holly and I think you were in the group with my dad's friend for Price is Right. Her name is Monica and she's black. She had a yellow shirt on with something on it like I<3 Bob Barker. Does that sound familiar? If you were, then...small world, eh? lol.

Well I suppose that's all I have to say for now. Just thought it would be a good idea to update since I haven't in a while. I miss you all terribly and I hope you're having a good summer!!! <3<3
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Suspended comment

hahaha. i <3 leah. umm, yeah, i actually did see a girl with a yellow shirt on that said that. don't know if it is the same one...but this one got to ask bob a question and she was sitting on the left side of the audience. ask her if that was her. did you get my postcard?