josiegrossie69 (josiegrossie69) wrote,

And the verdict is...

HAHA! So I got there yesterday, and there were like 50 people in the room. A few people got to leave, probably because they weren't able to serve for some reason. Then we watched a video and I was sure that I would be on a jury. I was having so much anxiety about it! I just didn't want to be there. We watched the video then the lady sent more than half of the group to the first judge and luckily I was not in that group. About 15 minutes later the lady comes back in and says that the second judge doesn't need a jury so we are free to go!! YAY!!! I didn't have to do it! Talk about relief! Now, I understand that there are probably, let's say 10 good things about doing jury duty (lol Holly) but I'm glad I didn't have to do it. I could've gotten paid 20 bucks for being there, but they gave us the option to donate that money to the foster chilluns of Harford County so I did that. They need the money more than I do...even though I still don't have any money...whatever. So yeah that was my day of jury duty, or not. lol. My obligation has been fulfilled for the year. Wonderful! :)
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