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Florida and other things of the sort

So my family and I just returned this morning from a week down in sunny Florida, visiting family and touring Universal. It was a grand time. I decided to listen to one of my Home Bar cd's for the first brought back a lot of memories, especially "Why does love do this to me?" in particular. Every Thursday night runs through my head when I hear that song (like the last Thursday...on top of "the table"...crying). I cannot wait for my friends to hear it, but I know they won't have the same love and appreciation for it as I do.
I think I'm New Zealand-sick. I've been having dreams lately about having to leave NZ, just like I did when I was homesick over there and dreaming about having to leave home. It's crazy. I mean, I feel fine, but I suppose a tiny...well, rather large part of me wishes she were still over there. I feel as though I've come home to all of the troubles I left behind. A certain someone decided to make an appearance at the airport, and although I appreciated it muchly, it kind of ruined everything I was working towards. So now I'm back to where I was before I left. Working begins on Thursday, the usual drama will begin at the end of August at LVC..and who knows what will happen this semester...ugh, everything. I suppose all I can do is take what I've learned in NZ and apply it to what I have yet to experience. That can only do good, right? Oh, and one more thing to add to the list: I've been keeping another online diary for 3 years now, and a couple weeks ago someone hacked into the system, leaving my diary completely erased. Yup...3 years down the drain. Don't even get me started on that one. Yeah that really wasn't important, I just had to get it out. But anyway, Florida was fun, but it didn't compare to NZ. I still miss you guys so much. Please stay in touch. You can have my cell # if ya want it, just email me. ;) Oh and Rhys, I have some things of yours...I'll send them as soon as I get a chance. Well take care everyone. Have fun this summer and if you get any reunion ideas, do share!
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