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"I wanna make out with a boy!!!"
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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
8:14 pm
I got tagged....and honestly I hate being it.

RULES: each player of this game starts with "6 weird things/habits about you". people who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things/habits as well as state the rule clearly. at the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged!" and tell them to read your blog.

1. I am also a counter. I count things on a regular basis. Anything. Especially stairs. I count the stairs as I walk up them. Don't ask why.

2. I cannot stand it when food on my plate touches each other (unless it's Chinese or like mashed pototoes and corn). If 2 unlike foods touch each other, I will eat around the border at which they touch.

3. Since we're talking about eating, I absolutely refuse to lick my fork, especially if I stir something with it that is cold, like ravioli for instance. I'll scrape it out of the can, heat it up, and wash the fork before I put it in my mouth. I think it's gross to eat something hot after the fork already has the cold food on it. Yuck.

4. Bad grammar is a pet peeve of mine. When people use bad grammar, I cringe. I don't care if you're writing it, speaking it, singing it, anything. It drives me NUTS! I'll give you an example: In that new S.O.S song by some pop star, she sings "Y-O-U-R making this hard.." and I'm like, don't you mean "Y-O-U-'R-E?" I know that wouldn't make sense musically, but it bugs the hell out of me.

5. I have this awful mark on my neck from when I play the viola. The chin rest rubs against my skin, and when I finish playing, I have this hickey-like mark on my neck. I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me and been like "is that a hickey?"

6. I am not ticklish. I don't know why. It just doesn't do anything for me. I mean, there are maybe 1 or 2 spots on my body that will make me giggle a little if they are touched, like my feet and maybe my neck, but that's it.

I tag: Megan, Becky, Liz, Sally, Jon, and Rhys, beause they're the only other people I know on here.

I miss you guys :(
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
7:19 pm
How are my lovely Kiwi friends whom I so dearly miss??
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:07 pm
i miss nz and the herd. the end.
Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
11:38 pm
Miss the NZ crew....
Hey guys! Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this thing! This time last year many of us were recovering from the Jenny/Rhys birthday bash. Gooood times. And oh how I miss NZ.
I hope you all are doing well. This semester has been crazy hard so I'm glad it's almost over. This summer I'm moving to Nashville with Megan. We're doing internships down there so that should be fun. Ya'll should come visit! haha.
Well I just wanted to update. Take care everyone and stay in touch. <3

Current Mood: nostalgic
Friday, April 15th, 2005
11:09 pm
I'm old.

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Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
12:45 am
New Year
Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope ya'll had a great New Year's. Mine was pretty good. I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to see what you guys were up to and to say hi. Enjoy the rest of break!
Friday, December 10th, 2004
9:01 am
I'm from Uranus! :)

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Your original thinking and funky attitude is all you need to be you.

Saturday, November 6th, 2004
6:29 pm
when harry met sally
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Friday, October 8th, 2004
12:17 pm
Hopping on the posting bandwagon...
It's so nice to come to lj and see that the whole herd has updated! AWESOME!

Since everyone else is doing it, I shall do it too: an update of how my semester is going.

It's tough stuff. I'm the busiest I've ever been in college. I don't know if it's just that I got really used to being able to do nothing in NZ, or if this semester truly is pretty hard. I'm taking a communications class with Dr. Markowicz who is a total dick (those at LVC know exactly what I mean). I often leave his class feeling like shit about everything. Joy. But I'm trying to just block him out totally. my other classes are going okay I guess. I'm just in desperate need of a break. The planning for clubs and school work and work is really getting to me.

Onto boys:
I see Becky mentioned me in her post about a freshman boy. *insert embarrassed smiley here*. Yes, it is true. I've developed a slight crush on a freshman BOY! Yikes, eh? But maybe he'll make out with me!!?!? lol jk. Anyway, yeah so her freshman and this other freshman who I'm kinda into are roommates...what are the odds?
Also, Liz at one point wanted me to go on a date with her brother. Now this would be interesting because in NZ we both decided that I would have an Asian girl and name her Liz and she would have a blonde/blue girl and name her Leah. We thought that would be awesome. So I thought, what if I did go out with her brother, fell in love with him, then married him? Then I could REALLY have an Asian girl (assuming she'd get her daddy's genes) and name her LIZ!!!! Crazy stuff.
The other boy situation is still up in the air, as always. I have no idea what I'm doing in life.
I was thinking about maybe spending a summer in London to work and travel. That would rock.
Well this post went in all sort of directions, didn't it? That's ok.
I miss you guys like Hell. I can't tell you how much us LVC/NZ herd members talk about you guys. I think we do need to get together over Christmas break, if not before. It's very important! So think about that.
And hang in there. This semester seems to be particularly tough, but we'll all get through it! After all, it's almost half way over!
Well I should get going. Luv yous and miss yous muchly!!!
God Speed to the nomad necklace.
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
5:12 pm
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12:28 pm
NZ How I miss Thee...
How are you everyone??? I had a scare yesterday: I thought my lj had been deleted cuz I couldn't access it at all! Luckily it wasn't, so I took that as a sign to update.
Today is a special day at LVC: It's Meegan's 21st birthday! So everyone wish her well. :)
I've been crazy busy with school work and the like. I went home this past weekend to work, and ended up quitting my job because target= a bunch of assholes. So I am going to look for a job around here.
The NZ gang is hangin tough. Becky and Megan are down the hall from me which rocks, Jenny is upstairs but we don't see her too often cuz she's always busy, and Liz is a short walk away in another building. With that said, I think it is time for a reunion. Everyone should come! That means you RI, SC, NY, and Jon! So start planning for that. ;)
Well I guess I don't have anything else to say. I miss you all like whoa...and NZ too. Oh, and it's really cool because we are working with study abroad to promote the program so we get to talk to the prospectives. Neat stuff. Well take care guys. Work hard and play hard.
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
11:25 pm
Go the Orioles...and Navy boys... ;)
So I just got back from an Oriole's game with Liz, Jenny, Jenny's German cousins, and her non-German friend, lol. It was a really good time. A long game, but the O's stepped it up in the 9th inning and won the game. It was awesome I must say. And I am so happy that Surhoff is back! I had no idea until today! It was 90 degrees today, but in the ballpark it was 91 because the Navy was there! AWESOME! Like a whole bunch of them had seats in upperdeck. The band performed the Star Spangled Banner, and let's just say that when "In the Navy" was played, the boys really knew how to work it, lol. ;)

Highlights of the night:

1. Driving in circles around the Inner Harbor trying to find C Lot

2. Being begged by a "panhandler"...which my mom warned us about

3. Deciding to quit college and have a career as bat girl for the O's, which would require me to wear a helmet at all times on the field

4. Dodging Surhoff's fouls

5. Free Coke

6. That crazy girl who skanked up her crazy dancing (she was like 10)

7. Feeling "unsuperior"

8. Having the camera on us

9. The Navy performing their "voodoo" song against the Mariners (said the drunk guy behind us)

10. Boys in "uniform" - haha Liz

11. Winning the game

12. Some strange guy honking at us and smiling as we pull out of the parking lot

13. Getting caught looking at the Navy guys, who in response waved and smiled back

All in all, it was an awesome day. I think everyone had a really good time. I know I did! Well that's my little uppydatedate. Hope ya'll are doing well!
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
10:48 pm
Hoedown or Hootenany?
I was just watching Family Guy and it was the episode where the family has to move down to the South because Chris witnessed a guy robbing a store and the FBI needed to protect them. It made me think of Holly and her family, lol. Then it made me think of posting. So that's what I'm doing...posting.

Anyway...not too much is going on with me. I hate Target now more than ever. They piss me off so much. 13 hours next week. That's crap. If I could afford to leave that hell-hole of a workplace I would. But I'm still in debt thanx to a lil time spent in good ol' NZ, so my options are limited. However, I will be picking up some extra cash by handing out surveys for a few weeks at the Marriott hotel down the Inner Harbor. $15 an hour. Sweeeet as!

I still miss NZ a lot. I really want to get back to LVC. Not really for the work, but just to be on campus again and to get involved. I'm really excited about starting the new year. Hopefully this fall will be better than last fall! I see goood times ahead. :)

Rhys, I still need to send ur stuff. Haha does he even read this anymore? If not, can one of you email me his address? I'm not sure if I have it.

Oh, Jenny, Liz and I are getting together on Tuesday to go to an Orioles-Mariners game in Baltimore. If I don't have to work I'll go to the game, but if I do then I'll just meet them down there afterwards. So that should be fun.

How are you doing Jon? I haven't heard from you at all. Hope all is well.

Katie! Girl you have to update more, lol.

Oh and Holly and I think you were in the group with my dad's friend for Price is Right. Her name is Monica and she's black. She had a yellow shirt on with something on it like I<3 Bob Barker. Does that sound familiar? If you were, then...small world, eh? lol.

Well I suppose that's all I have to say for now. Just thought it would be a good idea to update since I haven't in a while. I miss you all terribly and I hope you're having a good summer!!! <3<3
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
6:26 pm
And the verdict is...
HAHA! So I got there yesterday, and there were like 50 people in the room. A few people got to leave, probably because they weren't able to serve for some reason. Then we watched a video and I was sure that I would be on a jury. I was having so much anxiety about it! I just didn't want to be there. We watched the video then the lady sent more than half of the group to the first judge and luckily I was not in that group. About 15 minutes later the lady comes back in and says that the second judge doesn't need a jury so we are free to go!! YAY!!! I didn't have to do it! Talk about relief! Now, I understand that there are probably, let's say 10 good things about doing jury duty (lol Holly) but I'm glad I didn't have to do it. I could've gotten paid 20 bucks for being there, but they gave us the option to donate that money to the foster chilluns of Harford County so I did that. They need the money more than I do...even though I still don't have any money...whatever. So yeah that was my day of jury duty, or not. lol. My obligation has been fulfilled for the year. Wonderful! :)
Sunday, July 18th, 2004
10:54 pm
Jury Duty
I have to go to an interview tomorrow morning for Jury Duty...I'm scared!!!! I don't wanna go!! But I have to because if I don't then the government will come after me and take my money and arrest me! AHHH! How do I get out of this one??? I'll let ya'll know how it goes...
10:53 pm

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
1:41 pm
Florida and other things of the sort
So my family and I just returned this morning from a week down in sunny Florida, visiting family and touring Universal. It was a grand time. I decided to listen to one of my Home Bar cd's for the first time...it brought back a lot of memories, especially "Why does love do this to me?" in particular. Every Thursday night runs through my head when I hear that song (like the last Thursday...on top of "the table"...crying). I cannot wait for my friends to hear it, but I know they won't have the same love and appreciation for it as I do.
I think I'm New Zealand-sick. I've been having dreams lately about having to leave NZ, just like I did when I was homesick over there and dreaming about having to leave home. It's crazy. I mean, I feel fine, but I suppose a tiny...well, rather large part of me wishes she were still over there. I feel as though I've come home to all of the troubles I left behind. A certain someone decided to make an appearance at the airport, and although I appreciated it muchly, it kind of ruined everything I was working towards. So now I'm back to where I was before I left. Working begins on Thursday, the usual drama will begin at the end of August at LVC..and who knows what will happen this semester...ugh, everything. I suppose all I can do is take what I've learned in NZ and apply it to what I have yet to experience. That can only do good, right? Oh, and one more thing to add to the list: I've been keeping another online diary for 3 years now, and a couple weeks ago someone hacked into the system, leaving my diary completely erased. Yup...3 years down the drain. Don't even get me started on that one. Yeah that really wasn't important, I just had to get it out. But anyway, Florida was fun, but it didn't compare to NZ. I still miss you guys so much. Please stay in touch. You can have my cell # if ya want it, just email me. ;) Oh and Rhys, I have some things of yours...I'll send them as soon as I get a chance. Well take care everyone. Have fun this summer and if you get any reunion ideas, do share!
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
6:51 pm
Home Sweet Home
Hi everyone! Well the ride home was good, despite the extra hour delay in Detroit and our extreme exhaustion by the time we arrived in Philly. LA was a lot of fun. We got to see Hollywood!! How exciting is that?? A big thanks to Katie and Holly for showing us around that day. It was much appreciated. :) It doesn't really feel weird to be home as I was expecting. It feels normal, and that's good. I'm not all emotional as I thought I would be. I've been busy visiting people and hanging out. Liz and I went to the Dashboard concert last night. It was a lot of fun once they performed, but a few things got on my nerves, like: stupid 13 yr old girls dressed like hookers with cell phones, being hit in the head by a flying nickel (add that one to the list, Holly), being pushed around so much during the Thrice performance and trying to hold onto Liz so we wouldn't lose each other, and almost getting into a fight with a girl who decided to sass me. Don't sass me, especially when you're younger than me, because I will surely sass you back. Stupid ho. I do miss NZ though, and everyone that comes along with it. I see road trips in my future. :) Now I have to start packing for the family vaca to Florida. Fun times. Well I hope ya'll have a superb summer. Please stay in touch!!!
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
11:16 am
"Leaving on a Jet Plane..."
"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..." Yep, it's about that time. In about 2 hours I will be headed to the airport to leave on a jet plane for home. I can't believe this time has actually come! Craziness. At this point right now, I'm ok. I'm not exactly sad. I'm really excited about meeting Holly and Katie in LA for the grand tour! Luckily we get our long flight out of the way first. I suppose both Holly and Rhys are in California now visiting family and friends. That's cool.
Last night was the All Blacks game against Argentina. Liz and I may or may not be in love with latino boys. ;) The game was awesome! Rokocoko scored a try right in front of us!! and Tana was all up in every play. We kicked Argentina's ass 41 to 7. And I got pelted in the face by a beer bottle during a wave (see Holly, I told you I'm the one who always gets hit with things!! lol). It was a grand time. Liz and I were on tv too!!! Haha Jon thought we were kids. Good thing Katie noticed us! Well I don't really have much else to say. This has been a really emotional week for all of us, but I'm still sad it's over. :( At least I have an endless amount of stories to tell to my friends and family about everyone. Well I suppose I should go now. Lunch is soon. I love you New Zealand and I will miss you (and everyone) muchly!!!
Friday, June 25th, 2004
9:38 am
The Time of My Life
I'm sorry I don't have anything substantial to give to you guys, but I figured this was next best thing. I cannot believe this experience has finally come to an end. It honestly does feel like just yesterday I was getting to know people on the porch and around college hall. I did not expect to get as close to so many people as I did. I suppose I expected to make a few casual friends here and there minus the everlasting friendship part. I was wrong. I will be leaving New Zealand with some of the best friendships created in the shortest amount of time, and I believe strongly that you all made this experience for me. Had it not been for you, I don't think I would have had the fun or seen the places that I did. I am sad to leave this beautiful country with its glowing green hills and amazing landscape, but none of that would mean anything without you. I wish we could live here in college hall with each other forever, but unfortunately time and reality say no. Although we have to say our goodbyes throughout the next couple days, I have much faith that we will all see each other again soon. We've grown together over the past four months as a family (or herd) - there's always someone to talk to, someone to make you laugh, and someone waiting with a shoulder to cry on - and in reality, we really aren't that far from each other, the distances are minute compared to those from home to the other side of the world (a.k.a, NZ). So take away from this experience not the bad times, or the dramas, or the ever-present gossip, but the memories created in good times only: the late nights at the home, laughing til your stomach hurt, card games, weekend/week-long road trips, staying in the dining hall way past dinner, Jan, etc. Remember how we became friends, and those who wove everyone together. Remember those you are leaving behind and that each one of you has left a very large imprint on their hearts, especially mine. I will miss each of you terribly, but when I think of New Zealand, I will ALWAYS think of you guys. I love each of you with all my heart, and I cannot wait to reunite again, whether it be at good ol' LVC or California, or Rhode Island, wherever. I hope you all were able to have the experience of a lifetime as I have. Continue to laugh often and much, my dear friends, and I will see you all again SOON.

Rhys: Who would've thought that our Mt. Maunganui "photo guy" would turn out to be such a great friend? I'm so glad we adopted you. You were the first person to step into LVC territory, and started a trend that I am so thankful for. You are a wonderful person and a really good guy. I'm so glad we were able to share the hating of Earth Science together. I look forward to your visits to LVC and possibly the Harbor?? haha who knows...I'll keep my CB on just in case though. :)

Holly: I am so glad we became friends on this trip!I feel as though I love having you around because you can always make me laugh, and I think it's important to have people like you in my life. You are so easy going and easy to get along with. Your silly expressions and kind spirit are contagious. It seems like everyone is all smiles when you're around. You have the ability to brighten anyone's day if they are feeling at all down, and I think that is one of the best characteristics about you. I also look forward to your visit to LVC, as well as going out to California for Price is Right and skydiving. You're a great person Holly, and I'm thankful that I met you! LP+HW= <3<3 (haha), I like (insert noun here), I do also, I do as well!

Jon: If you weren't around, I don't know who would fill the shoes of the person who picks on me (and everyone else for that matter)! haha. I'm glad you were the guy who came from LVC. I like that you get my jokes and make me laugh. Your sarcasm, although harsh at times, is needed, I believe, to keep us going. I'm glad we became friends on this trip and I look forward to seeing you when you come to visit us at LVC.

Liz: My other half! I am soooo glad we became friends! Most people don't understand us when we're together most of the time, but we understand, and that's all that matters! We've shared some pretty funny times here, and I believe most of them are documented in the quote book: "he like, dropped it", "get in the car! but everybody's doing it! NOW! Ok..", "I think I love you!!", "yeah, to see Santa!", and so many more. I truly value your friendship Liz. I think our personalities are a lot alike, and that's why we became friends. I know I can talk to you about anything, and I cherish that. I look forward to next semester at LVC when we can hang out, as well as the concert. We're gonna have fun times this summer and next year!

Paul: I think you're awesome. Another funny character who I love. You crack me up with dancing at the Home bar. And your patience with me while I am intoxicated is astounding. lol. I like how you always see the bright side of things, even if it means taking a picture of a struggling Liz to make everyone laugh. You always seem to be happy and that makes me happy. I think everyone would agree that your friendly and kind attitude makes college hall a better place. I'm not worried about saying goodbye to you because you will be in PA next semester, so I will surely see you at LVC when you come visit!

Katie: You have such a big heart, always thinking of other people and making them feel important. Unfortunately there aren't enough people like you in the world, so I feel extra lucky to have met you. You are a great friend and I know I can count on you for anything, from advice to a shoulder to cry on or a hug. I like how you are so friendly to everyone and so willing to help in a time of need. With you around everyone is sure to be taken care of. I know we'll meet up again, whether you come to LVC or LVC comes to you. You're an amazing person and I'm glad to have you as a part of my life.

Jenny: The wise ol'/crazy Aunt of the group. You are a great person to talk to Jenny. You are always willing to listen and to offer advice. You are very intelligent and strong-willed and I think both of those characteristics will take you far in life. I like that you can be silly one minute, and then help everyone regain control the next. You create a balance between everyone by helping us stay on track. You're a great friend. I think next year will be awesome since you will only be one floor above me! Good times are coming and we have a lot to look forward to, including road trips and weddings! So I'm glad we became friends.

Here's a little something to wrap it all up. I know we don't really want it to end, and that this leaving time is hard, but it really was worth all the while. In no time we'll all be back at our homes, recouping from jet lag and emotions running wild, and normalcy will take place again. New Zealand will be a memory, so cherish it now to make it last in the future. I heart you guys muchly.

Another turning point
A fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist
Directs you where to go
So make the best of this test
And don't ask why
It's not a question
But a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs
And still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf of
Good health and good time
Tattoos of memories
And dead skin on trial
For what it's worth
It was worth all the while
It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

It's something unpredictable
But in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life

4 months of spending money in NZ: $3000
Going out every Thursday night: $500
Creating an Art Gallery: $45
Making friends with some of the most amazing people in the world: Priceless

Goodybye, New Zealand. You will be missed.
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