josiegrossie69 (josiegrossie69) wrote,

NZ How I miss Thee...

How are you everyone??? I had a scare yesterday: I thought my lj had been deleted cuz I couldn't access it at all! Luckily it wasn't, so I took that as a sign to update.
Today is a special day at LVC: It's Meegan's 21st birthday! So everyone wish her well. :)
I've been crazy busy with school work and the like. I went home this past weekend to work, and ended up quitting my job because target= a bunch of assholes. So I am going to look for a job around here.
The NZ gang is hangin tough. Becky and Megan are down the hall from me which rocks, Jenny is upstairs but we don't see her too often cuz she's always busy, and Liz is a short walk away in another building. With that said, I think it is time for a reunion. Everyone should come! That means you RI, SC, NY, and Jon! So start planning for that. ;)
Well I guess I don't have anything else to say. I miss you all like whoa...and NZ too. Oh, and it's really cool because we are working with study abroad to promote the program so we get to talk to the prospectives. Neat stuff. Well take care guys. Work hard and play hard.
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